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Most people who participate in ICE HOCKEY want to gain solid weight and strength. It is obvious that a stronger athlete is a better and faster athlete and this applies for ice hockey as well. So any muscle building / weight gain program should attempt to increase the size and the strength of the entire body: We want speed and strength.Please note that a more muscular ice hockey player is always better than a non-muscular ice hockey player. This is true assuming they have the same skill and talent of the game.

If You want to the best on the ice , a solid weight training program will give you the competitive edge against the competition. Ice Hockey is physical and demands strenght and endurnace

The great part about the Fastmuscles muscle building rpogram is that , it is used so infrequently , it does not upset or interefer with a regular ice hockey training practice.

In ice hockey a weight training program should hit these basic muscle groups: the shoulder girdle, the lower and upper back , the legs and the calves.In summary the four major aread to work on are :

The smaller body parts such as the arms , abdominal's and forearms are worked indirectly through basic mass builders and need not be worked out , since ice hockey requires that you perfrom aerobics , we need the minimum amount of muscle building to prevent overtraining and possible injury from a lack of recuperation from workouts. and for us to derive the maximum results.

The leg and shoulder workouts are important because they tend to get the blunt of ice hockey injuries. Abdomials are also important to prevent injuries but they are not to be worked in an intense program like the fastmuscles program. a modearte amount of aerobics needs to be included but not the regulat inefficent kind , rather a new form of intense aerobic training promises to generate more results in 3 times less time and details aof this can be found at it takes 10 minutes three times a week to get more endurnace and speed.

There are some minor differences in how a program should be designed to serve different positions on the field, but the strength training program would essentially be the same.

There are a few misconceptions when training for ice hockeyl.

most football players use a conventional strength training program that sees them use a split routine where they work their bodies , 2 days on , one day off. That is Monday , tuesday rest on wednesday , train thursday friday and to make things worse they train using the "cycling approach", they alternate a light day with a medium day and a heavy day.

This ensures that only the genetically gifted or those under steroid s can succeed in making the team , as far as strength and size is concerned . If you are currently being ignored and not allowed on the team because you are"high risk " to injury , you will develop bigger muscles and strength if you follow this system i am about to reveal to you.

The only difference is that you need to consume 500-600 calories above BMR and not 200-300 as i would suggest for a bodybuilder, since you can afford the little bulk and body fat.

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Get massive like sami above and be the fastest and biggest in yourice hockey team. You can expect speed to increase and size and strenght to skyrocket. Dont be average , use the system that guarantees results without excuses.


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Not for the feeble minded or the Timid

This course is an intermediate to advanced bodybuilding course. It requires intense but brief training You must be committed and you must be dedicated to its suggestions. Many of the suggestions are unorthrodox and might upset your old school way of thinking about bodybuilding.The manual assumes that you have a basic understanding about bodybuilding -enough to know how to perform the suggested exercises correctly. You must know how to perform basic compound exercises like the bench press and squat. It requires basic gym equipment. You must consult a medical physician before you begin this or any other exercise program.


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