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To many the biceps muscles are the very reason why we weight train. It is the single most noticeable muscle group. Women take notice of it -heck even men take notice of it . Super hero's have them. It is the symbol of muscularity and masculinity. Nothing comes close to the feeling of having arms that fill out a sleeve perfectly.

Massive arms are powerful arms; triceps and biceps capable of pushing or pulling huge loads, forearms made to grasp and hold the heaviest iron.

But how do we build big huge biceps? And how do we get results now ! in time for the prom or that special vacation /occasion that is coming up in a month?

End less sets of standing biceps curls? working arms every day? Do we follow the professional with the 25 inch arm? the answer for all three is no! unless you are a genetic freak and unless you are on steroids , such conventional routines will not produce the results you seek! The average gain in arm size is less than 3/4 of an inch in a year(using conventional routines) and a condition holds for that increase in arm size TO MANIFEST. and this condition is;

You need to gain 10 pounds of muscle for every inch you gain on your arms. This means that you need a big body before you can get big arms. for the hard gainer this is next to impossible. The hard gainer finds it hard to gain 4-5 pounds of muscle a year , so 10 pounds is seemingly out of reach with a conventional bodybuilding routine.

The solution

There is a way to gain 1/18-1/4 of an inch in just a week or two(sometimes in a day or two). this is accomplished by using hyperplasia inducing workouts. These workouts are not for everyone and can be dangerous if misused, however they do produce the desired results and they produce them fast. These workouts have been tested to deliver not only maximum hypertrophy of existing muscle fibers but can quite possibly stimulate the growth of new muscle fibers.

The Research

I have always had an obsession about the notion of hyperplasia. At an early stage i was fascinated with the concept and i did everything conceivable in an attempt to stimulate hyperplasia. Nothing worked, but i always stood by edison's motto "i am not discouraged because every attempt discarded is a step forward" to me every failure was met with even greater determination. What made it even more difficult was that there was no way to actually determine that hyperplasia occurred in human subjects. It is unethical and illegal to use humans as test subjects. so the only way i could base my judgment was on the signs of hyperplasia:: these are

In africa i was to witness evidence of the existence of hyperplasia. Africa provided an extreme environment where people had to perform HARD physical labor to survive.

The first evidence was this gentle man who worked in a local bar. His only task was to lift kegs 14 to16 times a day , sometimes less. This man was so strong for his size , at 5 feet 7 inches and weighing 160 pounds , he could lift these kegs like they were only 20 pounds. he could physically lift the kegs to his shoulders without much trouble. most people would have accredited all this to his genes and an inherent gift but i did not

His arms measured 16.9 inches , ripped to shreds, with tennis balls for biceps peaks. Understand that this individual never trained in his life , he did not even participate in sports nor any form of aerobics . what's more he ate an average of 2 meals a day , consisting of 90 percent carbohydrates and 10 percent fats and protein . Protein being very expensive and not an affordable macro nutrient. Despite all these unfavorable conditions ,He had the body that most people would die for, spend years at the gym trying to attain.(but never do!)

This mans growth was spectacular and his growth defied every conceivable theory that conventional bodybuilding science has to offer; poor nutrition , unbalanced meals, little protein, no exercise or aerobics. Yet he looked developed-not as a bodybuilder but certainly more developed than an athlete.

The test begin

We used the ideology that if a muscle is subjected to abnormal stress it will respond with the growth of muscle fibers(hypertrophy)but if the stress is "abnormal and severe" to potentially cause an injury -the result would be hyperplasia. The man who carried kegs did point out that his "biceps" (he did not know what they were called) grew all of a sudden when he almost injured himself when he begun the job , the weight was too heavy that it made a "sharp plucking sound". it appeared that this tear was the stimulus needed to induce hyperplasia. It was this "abnormal " stress which caused the body to produce new muscle fibers as an immediate response to that threat. In short it was a survival measure.

There were other cases-a young 20 year old man also with MASSIVELY developed biceps , claimed that his"body" changed when he had to carry heavy buckets for miles on end ON A DAILY basis to a water well and back, after the water supply was cut in his area. His bicep development defy conventional bodybuilding science because he too, had a poor diet , no exercise and he gained no bodyweight to account for the increase in bicep mass and yet he stood ripped with biceps that many of us in North America die for or pay a fortune for!

In both Cases the similar element present was that each subject undertook an abnormal task that stimulated the growth of existing muscles(hypertrophy) as well as new muscle fibers(hyperplasia). This i attribute to a mix of hyperplasia and hypertrophy because the arm size was too large and independent of bodyweight measures to account only for hypertrophy...the Average arm size of a hard gainer who weights 145 pounds is between 13.5- 14.6 inches , this guy had a bodyweight of 146 pounds and a body fat level of 6.34 percent and his arm size was a ripped 16.5. This was not just hypertrophy.

Hypertrophy is what we experience at the gym , less that spectacular progress for most of us, hyperplasia occurs for those who perform abnormal feats which normally involve lifting heavy loads close to the point of the body 's maximum threshold. Power lifters are good examples. They get strong and big despite thier inefficent style of training . And hyperplasia occurs by chance and not because of "cycling thier workouts" but rather it occurs by error or by chance.

we don't recommend that you injure yourself or perform a power lifting routines(t's inefficient) and painful.

rather we have formulated through research and trial and error exact procedures to potentially stimulate hyperplasia. .

Our hypothesis is that old school bodybuilding science is wrong- our thesis goes in opposite directions to main stream science -we believe that "science based" workouts are at best an inefficient way of stimulating hyperplasia-old school workouts require thaa you workout 3 to 4 times a week , use a variety of training routines with no real understanding as to why you are perfroming those routines and often recommend that you eat big to get big. These routines as you can verify , produce(at best) medoicre resultsl

Now understand that African athletes were chosen because of the "poor" bodybuilding environments they had to work in . We were convinced that the growth producing capacity of hyperplasia were so powerful , they would function without the need for optimal conditions. That is, muscle would grow and new cells be stimulated as a response to the "emergency stress" placed on the muscle. Even in such cases where nutrition is poor, the body simply uses resources from other muscles to ensure the growth of new muscle cells, sometimes at the expense of other body parts.

The economic conditions in Africa saw that each individual caloric intake was below their BMR most of the time(not all the time); that there was a lack of gym equipment and that meals were not balanced as conventional bodybuilding programs dictate. The typical nutritional breakdown was 90 percent carbohydrates(yams, cassava and root crops and corn), 10 percent fat and protein. Conventional bodybuilding dictates 60 percent carbohydrates, 30 percent protein, and 10 percent fat. All subjects were lean 5-7 percent body fat. They were all ripped but thin. So if change took place , it would most likely be hyperplasia together with hypertrophy-hyperplasia represented by abnormal muscle and strength goals(strength falls temporarily)

We sought to prove that if such subjects could make extraordinary gains, then the typical north american bodybuilder could do better in a better environment.(better nutrition , better equipment and better motivation)

We like to consider ourselves pioneers in the field of bodybuilding with regards to bodybuilding. This is not to downplay scientist , on the other hand we are taking a practical approach to hyperplasia and not a theoretical one. Action produces the results not theory. The results we have attained and the results of satisfied customers confirms our hypothesis.That the fastmuscles program maximizes hypertrophy and causes hyperplasia . We are dedicated to helping others achieve the bodies of their dreams without the unnecessary and expensive constraints found in other body building programs.

We assume that the only reason you read or follow a muscle building program or book is to attain results and not to educate yourself! education is the second benefit and not the prime goal of learning how to build muscle. Point is this system delivers the results promised. So if you are willing to apply the suggestions diligently and have the will and desire to succeed, you owe it to yourself to get this program.

. The program comes with a one year guarantee it and judge for yourself-if you don't agree with our claims after a year we will refund it and give you 10 % on your money! That is how confident we are , that this system will work

Using me as a prime example, i used hyperplasia workouts and gained over 3 inches on my arms in a space of 3 months. Notice that my bodyweight did not increase as dictated by conventional wisdom(10 pounds per inch) but i still got the desired results.

gain weightAfter 8 years of training i had 15 inch biceps to show for. However after using hyperplasia workouts , my arms just exploded with growth , from an athletic look to a body builders arms, see second photo below. Those by the way are 18 inch pipes that were attained naturally

big biceps, get big muscles
My arms measure 17.5 inches here, 3 weeks later after using the hyperplasia workouts in phase 4 of the Fastmuscles program i gained another .5 inch in just 3 weeks! The picture below shows that size increase.

Here is a bicep pose (taken by my poor web cam camera)to prove that it is solid muscle mass (below)

big biceps, 18 inch guns

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People claim that you need lab test to confirm a result. I ask you to remember great innovators that visualized and put into practice before backing it up with science, men like einstein and tesla envisioned before they used scimce.ince is always late in following innovation