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And How You Can Use This Same Tecnology To Make Astounding Weight Gains Too...Without Supplements , 6 or 7 meals a day and without Daily Exercises!


You are going to discover below a bodybuilding secret so effective and yet so simple, that the fitness industry does not want you to know about. A training technology so powerful it will PACK ON LEAN MUSCLE MASS on even the hardest of gainers, without excuses . No matter how long you have been training , or how many body building programs or routines you have tried before. This training technology is the only remedy you will need for the realization of your muscle building/ weight gain goals.

No six meals a day required! No three workouts a week required!
The most practical and workable Muscle building program for those without the time and money to invest in their bodies, but who desperately want the massive muscular results FAST AND WITHOUT EXCUSES

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In just three years of being in business the FastMuscles program has already changed the lives of so many ….in all walks of life …please read some of the testimonials at the end of this letter …proof that there is no faster way to build muscle and gain weight …without supplements, drugs or even daily workouts than the FastMuscles program! It has worked for these individuals …and it will work for you too…read the letter below to find out how…

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"I am astounded! Even though I'm just a few weeks into the program, I have already experienced the best gains of my life and I have not even approached phase 2 . To get results in one year is believable but to get those same results in 5 weeks is breathtaking. I have already received much more value than I paid for . The detailed- easy to follow material takes all the guesswork out of building my dream body . Here are just a few numbers I thought you should see, before I started: legs measured 23.5 inches and I was squatting 135 pounds for 8 reps , 4 and a half weeks later, I gained 1.3 inches on my thighs and I am squatting 225 pounds for 17 repetitions, I never ever believed that I would get legs to be proud off, but at the rate I am going I know owning 27 inch legs is practical and not so far off . My chest has increased by 1.72 inches and my decline press number has jumped up by 70 pounds. ALL THIS CHANGE and I have spent far less time at the gym. It’s unbelievable. Your no-nonsense practical material has given me all the knowledge I need to get the body I want. I will keep you posted. Thanks so much for keeping your promises."
Dan Beelear,
Niagara street, ST. Catherines , Ontario

Hi, my name is Rob Maraby,
And I am no bodybuilding star and no celebrity. I am a simple average person who just wanted a body to be proud off. I am a guy who just wanted to have BIG MUSCLES and to look good in front of all the ladies; to get enough muscle gain to warrant compliments and stares and words of admiration from people. But this was never the case. And I will tell you nothing hurts more than being rejected and being left out whenever a party or sporting event arose.(because of your physical size and the lack of confidence that comes with it)

In the beginning I was thin and I had no definition on my body. At 6 feet 2 inches, I weighed just under 145 pounds. I was thin with a shapeless body with thick and smooth skin. To me there was nothing worse than this. I mean you could be skinny but defined which is better than being skinny and smooth.

Determined to change my appearance, I took to bodybuilding and heavy eating. I ate and force-fed myself. I did my best to eat every 2-3 hours as was suggested by the “experts” yet nothing ever happened. After trying all the muscle building programs out there for the next 8 years yet I still looked the same. I had added only a measly 10 pounds in 8 years.It seems that no matter what i did i just could not gain muscle. I was the typical "hard gainer."

After eight years I quit and begun to put on body fat. Granted I did not become obese, I was just 30 pounds overweight. But it was enough to send me spiraling into depression and a vicious cycle of overeating and hiding form the rest of the world. You see at this stage , the thought of going to the gym sent shivers through my spine. I was severely overtrained and mentally drained.
But then it all changed for I came across a technology called T.S.M. Threaten Survival Mechanism.This is a system that literally “forced” my muscles to grow and allowed me to pack on appreciable muscle mass. It was responsible for my overnight transformation. And I say overnight because it really felt that way. Each and every day there was noticeable change and there was virtually no effort involved. Training time before i found this system was 4 times a week for an hour at a go and making no gains. But using this system, i was training 8 minutes once every three weeks and growing like a weed. Here are some truths i want to share with you. These are truths that i learn 't after 8 years of trial and error:
  Here is another testimonial

I dont understand how a program with so few workouts can be successful, but after week 2 i'm gaining weight. I hope this trend continues. I havent checked yet to see if my measurements increased. Thanks lenny pannell

Click here and prove it to yourself... FREE!
Over 4538 people in 57 countries have used the FastMuscles program to make astounding gains in muscle mass and strength. But if you're still skeptical, I will show you the actual science behind it! simply Click here , fill out the survey and I'll send you a free report that includes actual scientific studies done on the principles behind the fastmuscles program!

Muscle building Truth #1

Don’t get me wrong , there are a few supplements out there that can help you put on muscle mass and help you build strength but that is all they do they “help.” There is nothing on the market that will help you put on 20 pounds of muscle mass in a month as claimed by advertisers. If these "get huge" supplements work , they work by the placebo effect, in effect your mind believes that these supplements work and so they generate the results you desired. So, the question remains , If this is in fact true, why spend money on a placebo effect, when you can get the same effect using a few techniques I want to show you?

Conventional advice in a muscle magazine tells us that a 10 pound muscle gain a year is realistic and anything above that weight gain is most likely body fat. They are partially correct, These muscle magazines promote muscle building and fat loss supplements- it is their bread and butter-and they have to give a valid reason as to why people can't make any significant progress using their advice. But I proved them wrong and I did it without steroids or weight gain supplements. Yes the reason I say this, is the fact that I accomplished my remarkable gains in strength and muscle mass in Africa where nutritional supplements are not available, where the only gym equipment available are car shafts for barbells and poorly made wooden benches for exercise benches. So if I could change my body with mediocre equipment you can too because you have more to work with.
You see I wanted to gain weight very badly in the beginning because I lived in Africa and in Africa the majority of the men have  naturally lean and rock-hard bodies. This is true even though they don’t work out and they don’t perform aerobics. So I had very high standards to set and to compete with.

In the locker room or on the beach I felt embarrassed. Guys would take their shirts off and display rock hard abs and solid lean muscles that the average guy would die for and I had nothing to show for years of sweat at the gym.

But looking back now ! I see that I was really ignorant. How can you ever hope to build muscle and strength when you have no idea what you are doing ? After all if you use the wrong training methods and eat as you are suppose too, you will still get little or no results. After all, 1000 units of effort times zero is still zero.

Furthermore, the routines in muscle magazines which are followed by most hard gainers are written by ghost writers and professional bodybuilders who are under the influence of steroids. It only stands to reason that there is no way you can expect to make progress using their routines unless you are on steroids as well.
To get the results you seek, you have to model someone like you. Someone who is a hard gainer and who is not using steroids, yet one who is making excellent progress.


How to Gain Weight- Truth #2

You don’t need to force-feed yourself to put on muscle mass!

let me explain:
People who recommend such a program usually have a vested interest in making such a suggestion. Even for a hard gainer, consuming excess amounts of calories is usually not the answer in solving their muscle building woes. The problem lies not in the amount or types of foods consumed but rather the way you eat them. Furthermore, the problem is worsened by the fact that you are not training correctly to warrant any increase in strength and muscle mass.

Remember, if you have not stimulated enough muscle mass in a workout session, all the excess calories consumed are either excreted or deposited as body fat. Studies indicate that 95 percent of trainees simply don’t train hard enough to warrant an appreciable and consistent size and strength increase on a workout by workout basis. And yet they still continue to eat big to get big. Let me point out that you will get big if you eat big but it is often fat and not lean muscle mass. You don’t need 6-7 meals a day to build muscle and minimize the deposit of body fat. In fact, all that really matters is that total calories consumed in a day must exceed your Basal Metabolic rate. The 6-7 meals advocated in magazines are not needed and not essential -This is another myth born by supplement companies to aid in promoting confusion in the mind of desperate bodybuilders and it is not fact.

Lets face it , unless you have all the time in the world, eating 5-7 meals a day is tough and impractical. Not many can pre-cook meals the previous day and carry a "mini-fridge " to work with them. And if you are like most people you can only stand so many baked potatoes and broiled chicken breasts a day. With Fastmuscles you don't need to inconvenience yourself to get immediate results! The results are guaranteed regardless of how often you eat!


here is an interesting fact you should know!

Just because it sounds like a drug does not mean it is a drug.The recent marketing scheme of the supplements industry is to name their products after growth hormones and steroids that promise the desperate bodybuilder, wild gains beyond his wildest imagination. People, are so desperate for muscle growth, they will try anything that sounds like a drug which is supposed to give them results like a drug but without the side effects. Bodybuilders will try just about anything that promises them 10-20 pounds of muscle in a hurry. This is the supplement industry talking advantage of peoples desperation and making a whopping profit.

The essence of Fastmuscles can be summarized as follows: feed the muscles enough calories to help the growth process and no more. “More is not always better.“ Consuming more calories than what is necessary to serve the growth process causes your body to work harder to digest food and misuses valuable energy that could be better used to serve the growth process. The rest of the excess calories are usually turned into body fat and/or excreted . If we stimulate five pounds of muscle per training session and our next workout is 3 weeks away we need only 3000 calories in a space of three weeks to serve the growth purpose. Now when you divide 3000 calories by 21 days you have a little over 145 calories a day. That is all what is needed to serve the growth process. The equivalent of just two baked potatoes a day. That is all what is needed!

Eating to gain muscle mass, power and strength is ridiculously simple. Remember the simple things in life are the things that usually work. Complicated issues like measuring every morsel of food is at best an inefficient way of gaining muscle mass.

The ground-breaking technology in Fastmuscles shows you how to eat and when to eat. It will show you exactly what you need to eat to serve the muscle growth process and build rock-hard muscles. And these are foods that are tasty and do not require that you pre-pack or pre-cook meals. You will know what foods you should eat. This is invaluable because most "muscle building" programs tell you to pre-cook the day before and take 4-6 meals with you to work . This is not only impractical , it is also inefficient. Eating religiously is not “the end all and be all” of gaining lean muscle mass. Studies conducted by the researchers behind the Fastmuscles program , found out that using the T.S.M. training routines on trained athletes in Africa always produced permanent increases in muscle mass. Even in situations where the amount of calories was below BMR(Basal Metabolic Rate). I should point out that these athletes were “hard gainers” and were so poor that they could not afford to eat more than twice a day. Yet they all achieved increases in size and muscle mass. If they can gain solid lean muscle mass and strength without eating 6-7 meals a day you can too.

Now here comes the good part...

The Fastmuscles manual will:

  • Show you how to eat foods you normally eat and enjoy the mass gaining process.
  • Teach you how much to eat; what you need to consume; and what to eat to gain solid lean muscle mass.
    Click here and prove it to yourself... FREE!
    Over 4538 people in 57 countries have used the FastMuscles program to make astounding gains in muscle mass and strength. But if you're still skeptical, I will show you the actual science behind it! simply Click here , fill out the survey and I'll send you a free report that includes actual scientific studies done on the principles behind the fastmuscles program!

Truth #3
You need the right training technology!

To open the flood gates of muscle growth you need to apply progressive stress on the muscle. We can accomplish this by:
o Training brutally hard
o Providing adequate rest and recovery
o Training very infrequently.

The first is accomplished by using precise and exact exercises to stimulate the most muscle mass in the shortest period of time. Whether you use dumbbells, barbells or machines makes no difference. Once you get the training intensity right –you will make progress regardless of the type of equipment used. That is another misconception that needs to be cleared up: resistance is resistance. The body can't tell if it is using a machine or a grocery bag full of weights for resistance. What matters though is the amount of overload subjected to the muscles and not the type of exercise used. Granted free weights tend to be better muscle stimulators but this does not mean that you can not build large muscles without them.

So what is the answer? The answer to opening the flood gates of muscle growth is applying the right amount of intensity. This has to be exact and not random as 99 percent of the trainers out there are guilty off applying. You can't expect to gain muscle if you train too hard or not hard enough. The perfect spot has to be reached. Once that spot has been attained, muscle growth is almost instant. This is the place of no excuses, even if you are half –starved you will still get results. This “hot-spot of intensity” puts away the need for supplements, pills and force-feeding .

This is the fundamental aspect of gaining muscle mass, once that is accomplished the other essential element must fall into place and this element is recovery. Getting the intensity element right and recovery go hand in hand , because without optimum recovery, muscle growth will not take place no matter how good your current routine is.

“Remember muscles grow at rest not when you are training”
You must allow optimum recovery to take place. When you do this, you will get progressively stronger each and every workout. In fact each and every visit to the gym will register a significant strength and muscle mass increase. Results would be fast and The difference in your body will be visible to you and others.
If you don’t see an increase in strength each and every workout then you are doing something very wrong. Many experts will tell you that it is normal for strength gains to taper off as you gain experience and muscle mass. I want to tell you that this is not necessarily true. It is another myth used to confuse you and to get you frustrated so that you can buy more books, more magazines and more supplements in the hopes of gaining strength and muscle mass.

Does it Really Work?

Knowing these truths changed my body quickly.In a year I gained 30 pounds of lean muscle mass, impressive by all means but it was not enough. Being tall and thin with long muscle bellies, I needed lots of muscle mass to appear built and huge and for people to recognize that I was indeed a bodybuilder. But no matter what I did I could not develop the desirable amount of muscle. I began to resign to fate and to settle with my maximized level of muscular development. It seemed I had reached to the ceiling of my genetic potential.

But I was partially wrong, for although I may have reached close to my genetic potential , thanks to ground-breaking research,I am no longer limited by my present existing muscle fibers. I found T.S.M technologies. T.S.M. stands for Threaten Survival Mechanism technologies system , a system designed and researched to be the a system that can potentially cause hyperplasia (the stimulation of new muscle fibers). This technology was responsible for allowing me to pack on over 30 pounds of lean muscle mass in just 12 weeks.


Simple logic tells you that if you could multiply the number of muscle fibers you have, you could get larger than what your existing muscle fibers would allow. This is now possible thanks to T.S.M.technologies.

I speak to you person-to-person and I know that after all the ridiculous claims that you find all over the internet, you find it hard to believe, but hyperplasia inducing workouts do exist. But they have been until now hard to produce on a consistent basis. Even so, the existence of hyperplasia has not been publicized in magazines because it is bad for business. This is a technology that can ensure without excuse that a “hard gainer” can put on quality lean muscle mass without relying on consuming six meals a day; taking expensive supplements; or following other strict requirements that ensure that the average bodybuilder simply can not follow. This is a technology that also puts away the need for “redundant and often recycled bodybuilding information ” found in magazines and other body building programs.
This system is simply not good for the fitness industry because:

o If you used this system you would not need supplements; this translates to a loss of revenue for supplements manufacturers and the magazines that sell them advertising space.
o You would not need to buy magazines with their crazy and recycled theories because you would have all the muscles you needed. You would experience consistent gains in strength and muscle mass each and every workout.

You would not need to try another bodybuilding program in the hopes of finding the answer to your future body transformation. This is the only technology that shows you how to activate the growth of new muscle cells. This means you are no longer bound by your existing muscle cells. You no longer have to be weak or small. T.S.M™. puts a powerful muscle building tool in your hands so you can build the body you want lightning fast without any excuses.

"Finally there is a way for even the hardest of muscle gainers to pile on muscle mass lightning fast!"

How to build muscle Truth #4

The secret to fast muscle growth is: limiting the amount of exercise; providing ample recovery time in between workouts and providing adequate nutrition for the muscle growth process to take place. The secret is not force-feeding yourself and/or working out three times a week

Another secret that hard gainers are not told is that as a natural hard gainer, you really can't perform more than one workout a week (and sometimes less) and hope to build any muscle. Yet open any “bodybuilding book ” and you will see that they recommend three days-a-week routine or a two-days-a week routine. But studies prove that even two days a week for the hard gainer is just too much. What happens is that, hard gainers who try such a routine will get results albeit temporarily.(especially if they are beginners) Then they hit a plateau and are pulled into the frustration and confusion pools, that are so profitable to the fitness and bodybuilding industry.

The reason why we as hard gainers can not gain muscle, from a 3 days-a-week or 2 days-a-week routine is that we simply can't recover from them. And fact is, if full muscle recovery does not take place there is no possibility of muscle growth ever occurring.
Even a normal straight set taken to positive failure is too demanding for our system in the first place to recover from. Training with a variety of routines that use dozens of sets , forced reps and drop-sets makes the recovery process impossible to complete, which in turn makes muscle growth an impossibility. Even training more than three body parts in one workout is exceptionally difficult for a hard gainer to recover from. If you don’t agree, take a look at yourself and ask, if the level of progress you have experienced is worth the time spent at the gym. Stop being the Guinea pig of some worthless training theory and stop hoping for results when there is a guaranteed way to achieve it with The Fastmuscles Program.

"The key is to stimulate muscle growth with the least amount of training in the shortest period of time."

Now here comes the good part
The results!

Using these simple suggestions, my body began to take shape quickly. I remember looking at myself in the mirror during the second week of using the hyperplasia workouts and observing muscles that were not there before.
True enough when I stepped on the scale I was 17 pounds heavier. I checked body fat levels with a skin caliper and I gained no appreciable body fat. I was excited and I wanted to get back to the gym. As the photos showed, I gained more muscle each time I went into the gym. My strength grew by leaps and bounds. I mean I went from squatting 265 pounds to 565 for 20 repetitions WITHOUT A SPOTTER!  And these are not partial reps!

Here are some of my "muscle-building " statistics:

  • Leg press 400 pounds after i was using 990 pounds.
  • Squat 265 pounds after 565.
  • Bench press 225 pounds after 365 pounds.

Check this out: People who used the Fastmuscles experienced:

  1. Strength increases: an average of 63.4%
  2. Muscle Size increase: an average of 21.7 pounds in 12 weeks
    When was the last time you made such gains?
    Here is an UNEDITED testimonial from Kris in Minnesota.

Hi Mr. Maraby,

Kris here...and it's already happened TWICE! I have now heard "Gosh, have you been lifting weights?" TWICE in the last week. I knew that I certainly felt and looked different, but now others are starting to notice - INCREDIBLE! :-) I have only been at this for about 4 weeks now, but there are already some DEFINITE improvements in muscle hardness and size - NOTICEABLE changes. I haven't ever really gotten any visible improvement before, so I am so just so excited!

Again, I will keep you posted, but even if I never got any more benefit than what I have already in this short time achieved, I would be very satisfied with your system - I simply can't wait to see what will happen in the future with all of this?!?!!

May God bless you for sharing what you have learned with others,

Have a wonderful, wonderful day!

Kris from Minnesota

But There is more so please read on ...

With Fastmuscles you can expect to maximize your full muscular potential in a few short months. It will not take you years to gain 20-40 pounds of muscle rather it will take in some cases weeks and in other cases months. However, this does not mean that you will reach a stage where you can bench press 3000 pounds or put on 300 pounds of muscle. In the end even after the activation of dormant satellite MUSCLE cells, you are limited by your genes and bone structure. Some people can develop a 280-pound muscular frame and other's might only be able to reach 200 pounds. Whatever the absolute limit is we do not know. But i do know that you will maximize your full muscular development in a few short weeks. Strength gains are astonishing. Before FastMuscles I used 400 pounds on my leg press for 12 full repetitions. At the end of the hyperplasia workouts I was pressing 990 pounds for 15 full repetitions- and this was without a spotter. That is over 140 percent increase in 12 weeks. This is despite the fact that I am a Hard gainer and despite the fact that I have never used steroids, or any growth-inducing drug. How many of you can lay claim to that level of progress?

Not many! And this is because of the “conventional programs" you currently follow. I am telling you if an average person like myself can do it, so can you too.

Most people can gain muscular weight over a period of time. And they are usually lucky to gain anything at all considering the “cookie cutter routines” they follow. Can you imagine the progress these guys will make using hyperplasia workouts?
Using these techniques, I gained more muscle in a year than I did in eight years. Think about it, I took me eight years to educate myself and to put on 10 pounds of muscle. That is 1.25 pounds of muscle a year. How pathetic is that?

Click here and prove it to yourself... FREE!
Over 4538 people in 57 countries have used the FastMuscles program to make astounding gains in muscle mass and strength. But if you're still skeptical, I will show you the actual science behind it! simply Click here , fill out the survey and I'll send you a free report that includes actual scientific studies done on the principles behind the fastmuscles program!

The Benefits far outweigh the Sweat!

After discovering these techniques and building the muscle mass i had desired for many years, I started to get attention from the ladies. Building a hard, chiseled body attracts women. It just does. It is animal magnetism at its best where once people ignore you – they respond to you much like Pavlov’s dog salivating with the ring of a bell. When you stand physically changed you seem to occupy a space above the rest.

And you get people saying, “How did you do it?” “What is the secret?” “Are you on steroids?” You become the person people come to for advice and friendship. People talk to you because they want to be seen with the “person to be with” – someone who can physically protect them and introduce them to beautiful girls.


"...Now I know the addictive , ego bursting feeling that those jocks at my college experience. Wherever I walk into a room ,I get people looking at me. Understand Mr. Maraby that before I used your program and gained 31 pounds of muscle I was not much to look at. My head hang low and I felt like a reject. I needed change , I wanted to change my body because I have a super high metabolism and I have long thin muscles, so I looked like a pole. So I convinced my mother to purchase it for me(I am a student after all ) and I cannot tell you enough how happy I am , to explain to you what this change means, is to try to explain how it feels like to be born again. To be giving a second chance. I now have more friends Thank you…You asked for a testimonial and so you can use this email. Hope other twenty some year olds like me will take the opportunity your program clearly provides. It is a life changer . I am still working with the program and i will keep you posted but it has done enough already for me and I have all the mass I desire right now. I am going to try for the football team this coming season.
Thanks for the life changing information; from a now confident user of the Fast muscles system."
Jonathan R. Vanderlee , Brick, NJ, USA

The point is that you can expect to drastically change your physical and mental attitude. You will become more confident as your body changes; as you get that solid rugged look that speaks its very own language.


More testimonials

"I never imagined  my body could change so much and so fast! I have been training for over 6 years with decent gains(i am not  a hardgainer) but i got to a stage where i was flat and could not make any gains...no matter what i did or ate. I have to tell you the growth i experienced blew my mind. To achieve gains on a monthly basis is common but on a daily basis? i just could not believe! i write to tell you that i am a believer! Adding 1/2 an inch in a week to my chest and 1/8 inch on my biceps with no diet changes sold me....please feel free to use my note as a testimonial to the effectiveness of your program."Sami Agemen, Accra, Ghana.

“Hello Rob,
I have spent a great part of 15 years trying to bulk up. For me, it has always been a dream. I did everything I could to gain weight. I tried supplements of every kind and used any training program that promised me gains. Just yesterday (January 2, 2002) I cancelled all my subscriptions to muscle magazines. Why you may ask? . Well I don’t need them any more. Using your program I have gained 19.7 pounds of pure muscle and I have lost 2 inches of my waist. I have achieved the body I have always wanted. I am hard and I am strong. With the information contained in your manual I will never need to look at another magazine for more information. All the rules are in your book! Thank you for you have made a 40 plus year old man happy!”
Asan Houdin, Etobico, Toronto, Ontario

"I have tried every program on the internet and i can tell you that your program leaves the rest behind. I must say that your concept for the hyperplasia workouts seemed bizarre to me. But when i tried it ...well here are a few numbers to prove it, i began  decline bench pressing 175 pounds , in 15 weeks i was benching 295-what is even more impressive is that i now have a 45 inch chest up from 43... your program gave consistent and immediate results without the sacrifice ..thank you for you changed my life. ." Jean Paul, Quebec city, Canada.

'..Its fantastic and unbelievable. I gained 10 pounds of solid muscle mass in just 3 weeks. As you indicated in the book , i actually felt my muscles growing everyday. My density and vascularity packed on so fast people think i am on steroids.Everytime i visit the gym i am at least 10 percent stronger. (update ...) My weight has gone from 165 pounds to 203 pounds in just a sixteen week period .I only wish i had this information when i first began working out."-Ralf Anderson, Ontario , Canada.

get big , build muscle


I see how the hard gainer is being misled.

It saddens me too see a desperate skinny individual spending their hard earned money on supplements, magazines , gym equipment and programs designed for the professional bodybuilder. Because bodybuilders are so desperate for added muscle mass and strength, they try everything to the extreme. We erroneously believe that more is better. We try more training , more food and more supplements-only to fail and lose a fortune.

If you don’t know what you are doing, how can you ever expect to succeed? You will most likely never succeed rather you will just become a victim of "trial and error." Trying out any routine because you hope that you will get lucky and gain some significant measure of muscle mass is ridiculous and a waste of your valuable time. Why waste time when there is a revolutionary technology that can actually multiply your muscle cells. Why settle for routines that can only at best maximize your existing muscle mass(i.e. hypertrophy).
Your frustration and guesswork ends here today by getting the Fastmuscles program. There is a full one years money back guarantee. You simply can't lose. Give it a try and if it does not produce the results I claim it does,you will receive a full courteous refund.You risk absolutely nothing !

Gaining mass Naturally WITHOUT the drugs, daily workouts and without excuses!

Like most of you , I am an average person. I can't afford to spend my time at the gym 2 hours a day , seven days a week. I can't eat six or seven times a day and I certainly won't take steroids- life is more precious than building a body full of chemicals. I don’t know what steroids are, I don’t even know what they look like. But I have read enough on the subject to know what steroids can do. I get angry when I see guys advertising their courses based on their remarkable transformation. For one, if they go from looking like a pencil neck to a full-blown bodybuilder, you know it is steroids. These guys are ripped to shreds thanks to the power of diuretics and anabolic steroids. I am sorry but it is a fact, the only way you can spot 4-6 percent body fat level is by using illegal growth enhancing drugs or dieting religiously. Normal drug free bodybuilders can't achieve that level of muscle mass and low body fat without the aid of drugs.

Now if you look at my picture which was taken with a Web cam, you will notice that there is no evidence of cut and paste technology. My body is built yet it is not built to an abnormal degree like a professional bodybuilder. I am huge, don’t get me wrong , and at 235 pounds I am far beyond average but I carry my mass well and I do not stick out like a sore thumb when I walk into a room. My body is natural and real and my body fat level is a low yet a healthy 9.89 percent. Moreover I don’t diet and I don’t need to take drugs because my body is natural and there is no fear of it disappearing.(which normally happens when you get off anabolic steroids)

You will notice that although I gained 30 pounds of muscle in 12 weeks , my body looks attainable. It is developed but within your reach. There are no eye popping veins ( there is just enough to appear solid ) and I don’t look like I am about to explode with water.(Like a "drug taking" professional bodybuilder)

The FastMuscles Program is for YOU!

Decent hardworking people need a practical solution for building their bodies, one that does not use drugs or daily grueling workouts or aerobics. Normal people have lives and spend their time doing what they love. Fastmuscles allows you to enjoy life to the fullest, yet at the same time packing on muscle mass lightning fast. Free yourself from the sweaty and unproductive confines of the gym, stop being a slave to the gym.You no longer have to spend years of your existence at the gym; you don’t even have to spend days at the gym; blast your muscles in a tiny fraction of the time you used to perform it and forget about building muscles the old fashioned way, live a normal life, go and enjoy your rock-hard body and life; and sit back and grow like you have never done before.Try it out today. You have everything to gain and nothing to lose.

Click here and prove it to yourself... FREE!
Over 4538 people in 57 countries have used the FastMuscles program to make astounding gains in muscle mass and strength. But if you're still skeptical, I will show you the actual science behind it! simply Click here , fill out the survey and I'll send you a free report that includes actual scientific studies done on the principles behind the fastmuscles program!

But there is more ...with the Fastmuscles program You will learn:

    • The exact and correct set and repetitions schemes.
      Why the term "limited by your genes" is inaccurate.
    • How often you must train for optimal gains
      How you should eat for optimal gains. There are no boring tasteless foods involved here! Practical and real food suggestions.
    • Why you must not force feed yourself supplements
    • The single truth that the fitness industry does not want you to know about because it produces lightning fast gains.
    • How to increase your strength by as much as 140 percent in just 12 weeks.
    • Exact step-by-step routines for you to follow. These routines will make you 20-40 pounds heavier(with muscles) by the end of the program.
    • How to avoid overtraining and never ever experience a “plateau ” again.
    • How to put on as much as 20 percent increase on your arms in just one day.
  • How the principle of“progressive overload ” can stop your growth process dead in the water.
  • Why the standard three days a week training is detrimental to your mass gaining objective.
  • How to open the floodgates of muscle growth. Two simple techniques will show you how. Discover how to unleash the raw muscle growth potential that lies untapped in your body
  • Three mass building principles that are far more important that nutrition. These principles dictates 99% of your training success and virtually no one uses it or acknowledges it. Learn how to use it to get consistent day after day improvements in muscle mass
  • Learn a technique that will increase the size of your arms by a half-inch in as little as your first workout ...Guaranteed
  • Discover what really makes muscles grow. About 90 percent of trainees do not use this! And that is why they make no gains. This shocking secret will give you gains that will leave onlookers shocked with envy.
  • How to reduce the amount of time spent at the gym by up to 6400% and yet make your muscle and strength gains skyrocket by as much as 900 percent in justa  few weeks. Imagine 900 % more gains than you are making now!
  • How to get your arms, back , chest and legs to explode with new growth instantly. No guesswork, simply follow the instructions and you will get explosive growth.
  • Discover 7 powerful techniques that will turn your weight gain experience around. These will completely alter your views about building muscle mass; you will get rid of old unproductive training ideas that have been holding you back.



FastMuscles uses a technology that attacks the muscle and bodies SURVIVAL mechanism. The end results is that the body has no choice but to adapt and grow larger to prevent further attacks.
THE PRIME DIRECTIVE OF MUSCLES IS TO SURVIVE. The survival mechanism of the muscles is directly tied to the SURVIVAL mechanism of the body. In fact it’s primary function is to protect the main organs of the body. It is the "soldier and guard" of the body and its delicate organs. If you threaten the SURVIVAL of muscles the right way you can activate dormant satellite muscle cells. In short, you can cause hyperplasia to occur. Once hyperplasia and hypertrophy occur, the results are noticeable and occur without much hesitation. The requirements of the ”perfect environment” as used as conditions in other muscle building programs are not needed for muscle growth to occur.

If the SURVIVAL mechanism of the body is not turned on , muscle growth  may not take place or it will be minimal at best.This is true no matter how many sets you perform or what supplements you take . Other programs hardly ever hit the survival mechanism and that is why they produce poor results. When the survival mechanism of the muscles are triggered, growth is instantaneous. You could be half-starved and you would still produce the results. There are no excuses whatsoever: either you grow or nothing happens. Does your current training program do that for you? or do the authors of the programs keep on using excuses like “you are not eating well enough,“you need to do more sets,” and “you are not making progress because you are a hard gainer and are overtraining?”

With The FastMuscles Program You Will Discover :"How To Pack On Huge Ripped And Chiseled Mass"...As Fast As Humanly Possible-Allowing You To Reach The Upper Limits Of Your True Genetic Potential In Just A Few Short Intense Months!

Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced bodybuilder Fastmuscles is for you. It builds up from scratch and forces your muscles to grow regardless of your level of development.
The Fastmuscles program works for you in three ways:

  1. It uses simple and scientific principles to stimulate the formation of new muscle fibers. This means you will be able to build muscle and strength that was dormant. You can build bigger muscles and greater strength than ever before with very little exercise. There is no guesswork involved! You will be given the minimum amount of exercise needed to generate the best and fastest results.
  2. It uses scientific principles to maximize full hypertrophy and strength gains. whiles at the same time preventing the need for the excess consumption of food to support the growth process. There is absolutely no need for old-fashioned bulking up diets! Eat what you want, when you want!
  3. The program provides more recuperation time (‘rest time’). This allows the immune system to strengthen and become more efficient at burning body fat and building muscle mass naturally! You will develop a powerful fat-burning and huge muscular body by doing far less activity (as much as 16 times less activity than you normally do on an old-fashioned weight gain routine). Finally, you can do the activities you like without being tied down to a workout routine or diet program!

"i increased my biceps from 17.5 to 18.6 inches in just one week and a month later it is still there...Wow i never believed that such a thing could happen but the results speak for themselves...thanks rob" Sean Scislicka from Missisauga, Ontario, Canada


Here is what you can expect to gain naturally in
the next few weeks:

Phase 1 hypertrophy and foundation phase. You will see a remarkable (minimum of 10-50 percent) increase in strength; you will gain between 5-10 pounds during this time. You will begin to feel energetic, eating what you want, when you want. This stage is designed to build the foundation for more intense routines to follow. Your body will be getting harder and bigger each and every workout. You will notice a remarkable hardness to your body as solid lean muscle mass begins to develop and as the body fat begins to melt away!

Phase 2 and 3
– here you will put on another 10-20 pounds as you maximize the size of existing muscle cells (hypertrophy) and increase strength by 20-50 percent. Your body should be transformed by now, 1-2 inches on your arms; your chest should be 1-2 inches larger and fully developed. Expect 1-3 inches increase on your thighs and you can also expect bench press and squat poundage’s to sky-rocket as you transform your body. You will be significantly stronger than when you begun. You look like a bodybuilder.

Phase 4
This is where you stimulate the growth of new muscle cells. The first three phases maximized the growth of your existing muscle cells. Phase 4 stimulates the growth of new muscle cells (hyperplasia) and allows you to get bigger than your current existing muscle fibers would allow. Expect to see permanent increases in chest, back, arms and legs size on a workout by workout basis. These workouts are revolutionary and will stimulate new muscle cells. This is the stage where you maximize your full muscular potential. Total muscle gain from all four phases is between 20-50 pounds. Total strength increase 70-150 percent. Complete body transformation occurs here.

Use this REVOLUTIONARY training technology and there will be No More “hoping for massive results ”, no more inconveniences for the Rest Of Your bodybuilding Life. Just lots of muscle fast, without any excuses.

Sounds too good to be true?

Well I understand your skepticism and I don’t expect you to take my word for it! In fact, I encourage your skepticism, for it will only heighten your amazement of this system when you try it. I could go on and on , telling you how effective this system is but you will never know until you try it.

But i don't want you to believe for one moment that this system is like a "magic pill"that requires no effort. In fact, It requires brutally hard training and dedication. It requires effort(Brief) but it also delivers extraordinary results. This we guarantee!


Dear Rob,
”WOW!” and my hats off to you. It has taken me 5 years to realize that building muscle is not so hard after all. It has taken me 5 years of trying , trying and trying. Everything and anything to gain lean muscle mass. I followed a strict bulk up diet taken from another weight gain program and I did gain weight but it was not the weight I wanted. I tried and participated in the “muscle tech challenge ” and nothing happened. God ! I cannot believe that I was spending $105.95 a month on supplements alone (that is what my GNC receipts say) and getting nothing but a fat belly and diarrhea. But now I am pleased to tell you that I stand a changed person , I have gained 23 pounds in the past 7 and a half weeks since I have been following your course. My total training time has been less than 2 hours total(actually 84 minutes and 90 seconds(yes I use a stop watch ). This is unbelievable and my strength gains are scary , I have been benching 275 lbs in this time , up from 225 when I started . My chest has increased by 1.5 inches . I have started to see my upper chest cut . And the amazing thing is my reps are going up every workout , much like clock work. Each visit to the gym gives me a strong adrenaline rush because I cannot wait to see how much stronger I have become. Now after trying this program and knowing that it delivers , I would have easily paid you several hundred bucks for this information , for you have already saved me a bundle. I am completely in your debt
Thanks for everything
Russell Byne, San Antonio , Texas, USA

Unleash Your Body's Maximum Potential With The Fastmuscles Program!
My Personal Guarantee to You!

Nothing comes close to this muscle building and strength building system!In fact we ARE SO SURE that this system will pack on mounds of muscle mass on your frame, WE OFFER A 110% money back Guarantee! Try this revolutionary system for a full year and if you don't experience the most phenomenal muscle building and strength gains ever(after trying it out for a year), just return it and we will give you your money back PLUS 10% interest on your money! Not even banks can measure up with this rate! No one else does this, because no one has a truly revolutionary muscle building system that builds existing muscle mass as well as stimulate the growth of new muscle cells.The guarantee ensures that you can take your time, analyze the suggestions, apply it and cast your own judgment about the power and effectiveness behind this program. We take pride in customer satisfaction and we want your deepest and greatest satisfaction!

Here's what you get:

You'll get a comprehensive manual that takes you step by step through the process of developing existing muscle fibers to their fullest potential. The information found in the manual has been tested, re-tested(for 12 years) and proven so the results you're looking for are right there. Everything you could ever want to help you build an Huge-massive-Rock- hard , vascular and strong body is at your fingertips!

  1. This manual includes a four-Phase approach for first maximizing your existing muscle fibers and then stimulating the growth of new muscle fibers.
  2. The mass-building Fastmuscles approach to eating-which allows you to eat every day foods and still enjoy the extraordinary gains.
    The illustrations and descriptions of the best exercises used in the program.
  3. Loads and Loads of training tips and nutritional tips that will ensure extraordinary strength and muscle mass gains.

In fact, if all you received in this package were this outstanding manual, you'd have everything you need to build your body faster and bigger than ever before… Every moment spent in the gym would be productive. There would be noticeable physical change on a daily basis. There will never be any guesswork or mediocre results. No trial and error routines. The results will be seen by friends and family and more importantly by you! Strength gains will be mind-blowing , when you touch people or shake their hands they are going to feel the power in you.This benefit alone is priceless.

You might expect to pay $1000 or more for the revolutionary and new information contained in this manual, considering that you are getting a revolutionary muscle building system that will not only expand existing muscle fibers but will also stimulate new ones(Hyperplasia) It will give you a Huge , ripped and rugged looking body in just a few weeks -with the absolute minimum investment in time, money and effort.

Now you can get this revolutionary system for just $69.99. This is the price of a decent meal for two for a “system” that will change your life forever Guaranteed! Don't settle for mediocre results with "conventional routines" when you could be the strongest and the biggest amongst your friends and buddies at the gym. Stop relying on expensive supplements,that do nothing for you, and stop relying on "trail and error" conventional routines.Get the Fastmuscles program now and succeed!


But there is more if you order now!
Bonus 1 ($30 value).

You also receive a report titled

"How to Build Rock-Hard Legs and Slam Over 200 pounds on Your Squat or Leg Press in Just 12 weeks."

This is an extensive collection of techniques and step-by-step directions that you can use to put PERNAMENT inches on leg muscles in record time. This program will give you pillars for legs and give you more strength in the leg press or squat than you ever dreamed possible.You will be able to wear shorts and proudly display your prize possessions. If you sprint or undertake any sporting activities this will give you the speed and power you need to get and stay on-top of your chosen sport..Imagine squatting 400-500 pounds! No! Don't imagine make it a reality with this FREE bonus report.

Bonus 2 ($60 value)

You will also receive a report called " How to cause a 2% increase in your arms just in one day’, which shows you how to build bulging biceps and "bread loaf" triceps in mere weeks . The techniques shown in this report have caused a 1/4-1/3 inch increase in arm size in one day! Yes in one day! And it was a PERNAMENT increase. If you ever dreamed of possessing"prize" arms, arms that rip out sleeves , this is your chance. The arms are the muscles most people look at first; the muscles women admire first-make sure yours are full , ripped and huge.

These reports alone, are worth the cost of the Fastmuscles manual. Think about it for a second , most people will spend thousands at the gym and on supplements to gain an inch on their arms in two years. Here , you can get as much as 1/4 of an inch in as little as a day, just think of the possibilities.

But there is still more ...

Bonus# 3 ($60/hour)
Now you can have a personal trainer at your beck and call!!

But even though the manual is comprehensive, there might still be some questions you had, or some concern that would come up as you were BUILDING A CHISELED MUSCULAR BODY. You need unbiased and professional answers. That's why I'm also including my Email address. On any day, you can email me with your concerns. No secretary, no intermediary. You get personalized training and nutritional information on any particular problem you may have! This alone is worth ten times more than the price of the manual. Can you imagine the value? Hundreds of my students get this program based solely on this benefit. I can literally lead you step by step through the whole process of building the ultimate physique! No other program on the planet gives you this kind of access! This offer wont expire, i am going to be there for you whenever you need my help whether It is a day from now or a year from now!

Bonus#4 ($30)
Get all the schedules and workout sheets you need, to guide you to the path of obtaining a huge and muscular body.

Bonus #5($40):
You will also receive a report called “How to Build Massive Calves!” which shows you a proven way to increase the size of your calves by 1-2 inches in only a few short workouts. Calves make or destroy a body! When you wear shorts, it’s your calves that are exposed for onlookers to see.Get large proportionate calves; calves that are huge and massive, to match the rest of your body. Don’t settle for the excuse that your calves are determined solely by your genes. Do not settle for skinny calves when you have a sure-proof way of beefing them up with this FREE bonus program. No matter how small your calves currently are, we will show you how to beef them up in just a few short workouts. Get massive calves that command respect and that draw attention. You get this report free with the purchase of the Fastmuscles program. If you have tried every calf building program but still failed to make any significant progress, get this program  and MASSSIVE calves will be yours Guaranteed.

Fastmuscles is a complete muscle development program , it takes you by the hand from the beginning to the end. So even if you have no knowledge about bodybuilding but would still like to get big , huge and ripped muscles you can still use it. And you will still make excellent progress .Everything you ever need to know about building muscle and reaching your full muscular potential is in this manua
The benefits of using the Fastmuscles program, are more than physical! Your life will be completely enhanced in every conceivable way. Your relationships with others will flourish with the new confidence you will get ! In fact, I absolutely Guarantee it. You get an unheard of double guarantee

Listen, you don't even have to make a formal commitment now. I want you to be completely comfortable with your decision to invest in this powerful Muscle Mass and Strength Building package. Therefore, I'm willing to offer the most insane guarantee ever…

110% Unconditional Money-Back Guarantee

If the FastMuscle program isn't everything I say it is; if you aren't absolutely thrilled when you finish reading and applying the techniques suggested; if you are unhappy in any way, shape or form in the coming year; or if you fail to gain appreciable results after one full year of purchasing it, I'll give you 110% of your investment back. Bottom line, I unconditionally guarantee your total and complete satisfaction!

The success of my company is based on customer satisfaction. I will not make claims unless I know that the system works. And that it is the most practical and real effective muscle-building system or I would not remain in business.

That is why I am sharing with you, the opportunity to change your body, your mind and your life. This will increase your level of self-confidence and happiness. This Product is Risk Free.

And it is the last and only muscle building and strength building system you will ever need. After this there is no more force-feeding , "trial and error" daily exercising, supplement taking or frustration ever!

Why would I make such an outrageous risk free offer?

Listen, I found it extremely difficult to get in shape! I spent 12 years(the first 8 were unproductive) of my life trying all the routines and diets out there and I had nothing to show for it!

Before discovering these revolutionary techniques(and they truly are revolutionary) that I want to share with you, I was lucky to gain one pound of lean muscle mass a year, despite exercising two hours a day, 7 days a week. I was also eating like I was invincible, unconcerned about the harmful effects of all that exercising and force-feeding! I also tried every mass building program, including those that claim that "they found the secret to building muscle mass"

However, after 12 WEEKS using the hyperplasia techniques my body exploded with muscle growth and strength and i I lost body fat in the process (I brought my body fat level percentage to 9.89 percent) and I built more muscle and transformed my body! And I am an ordinary person and a hard gainer.I have never taken steroids before and never will . I don’t have exceptional genes or motivation! I just found a secret system that "forces muscle growth without conditions " And this "secret " is the result of painstaking and expensive research and not guess work or "trial and error ." This is your opportunity to transform your body without excuses , without drugs , or force feeding yourself , without supplements or daily workouts.Get the edge over your competition and make the best gains ever .Guaranteed!


Remember it is risk free! i bare all the risk for your success!.
Just to clear up any skepticism you might have , remember the 110 % money back gurantee.If the course is not all that i say it is , if it does not give you the fastest results ever ! if it does not stimulate new muscle fibers and mind boggling strength
gains. Just return it and i will return every penny of the purchase price. You have nothing to lose. Remember this is the fastest way a natural bodybuilder can put on lean muscle mass without the "force-feeding diets, excessive training and supplementation required by most programs"Nothing comes close to this mass and strength building system and the technology it holds.

Learn from our years of "trial and error" and our expensive research!

You can spend thousands of dollars on miracle products advertised on the internet and supplements that pretend to be steroid replacements. You can pretend that the new ‘weight gain ’ program that comes along might work for you. And it might very well! But results will only be temporary and even so it would take a long time for gains to manifest. Furthermore you would be limited by your existing muscle fibers!

Or your can get the solution to your problems once and for all and get huge fast at an amazingly low price of
only $59.99.

Remember you simply can’t get this manual at your neighborhood bookstore. It is
only available through this web site! Order now and improve your body and life
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